Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Single Plank Engineered Wood Flooring Always Comes Out On Top

You're here because you are in the process of picking a new wood flooring. You've (more or less) decided that engineered wood flooring is going to be the best option for your project. And today you are in the point of making the selection between unmarried and multi-plank.

Single plank versus multi plank hardwood floors is a question that lots of people face when buying wood floors. When speed is of the essence, the idea of having the ability to place 2 or 3 planks set up at the exact same time instead of 1 is really appealing and tempting. However, if this is where you're at right now, we would encourage you to think again. Why? Let us explain...

What's single plank engineered wood flooring?

Single plank engineered timber flooring as its name implies is wood flooring that comes with only 1 plank visible on every board.

When engineered wood floors is assembled , it starts off with a good core board that is constructed of layers and layers of ply which are secured together. Once the center board was made it's topped off with a layer of solid wood. It is this layer of solid wood that makes engineered timber seem so convincingly like solid wood flooring, yet boast all the benefits of engineered.

Single plank engineered timber flooring has just 1 bit of solid wood in addition to It does not have two pieces butted together on every plank, neither does it have grooves cut in the piece so that it appears like it's two or three bits sitting side by side on exactly the same board. This is what single plank engineered timber flooring is.

What's 3 or 2 plank engineered timber flooring?

Multi plank engineered timber flooring is often as broad as 45 or 60cm and is assembled with a strong multi-ply bonded board in its core. What's different about this alternative is that it's a top layer that has been created to seem as though it's two or three distinct pieces of wood onto it. It can well be two or three unique pieces of timber which were fixed firmly to the center board or it may be just one piece of timber with grooves cut inside. What you effectively wind up with is just one wide board that appears as though it is two or three boards.

Surely this should mean that you get the job done a great deal quicker and you've got a considerably reduced variety of joins on your flooring? On the face of it that appears to be a sensible debate, but let us have a good look at why single plank engineered timber flooring consistently comes out on top...

Why single plank engineered wood flooring Consistently comes out on top

In order to understand why single plank engineered wood flooring is obviously the winner, then we will need to take a step back.

Any regular reader of this blog will now know that wood, in all its forms contracts and expands in regards in contact with varying temperatures and moisture levels. While engineered wood expands and contracts significantly less than solid wood, it still experiences some small movement when conditions change.

When wood floors expands and contracts, then the planks push against one another and then reunite. When this occurs ever so slightly and not too often, it doesn't cause an issue. Nevertheless, when it occurs excessively you can get gaps on your flooring.

That's why single plank engineered timber flooring always comes out on top.

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